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Thread: WTS Pack hauling service

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    WTS Pack hauling service

    I have a handful of alts and lots of vehicles capable of moving packs fairly quickly. Looking for pack runners looking for mutual business opportunities. I will only run through safe zones, no pvp areas. This is to protect both parties. You craft and turn in the packs, I only load them and unload them from the haulers and boats. PM me for more details. I also have access to private fert houses making very profitable runs available.

    P.S. My name is not of my main toon. Im not revealing my toons name on here for obvious reasons. Also, this is not a pack for gold trading or any kind. Its an exchange of physical help for physical help (not labor points). So basically it doesn't cost you or me anything for either of us to help each other, aside from time.

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    Still looking for fellow pack runners to help make each other gold.

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