The Spring Race!
As the event started we want to make sure everyone can find it and knows what to do.
We can't tell you about every step of the way, but we can guide you in the right direction.
What would be Easter without the typical egg hunt?!

How long will it be active
The event will take place from 17th of April 2019 until 8th of May 2019.

How will we start?
As you arrived at Mirage you can find Poached Egg staring at you in a distance and welcoming you to the spring race.
But before you race away, you need to do some minor things for him!

As usual, Poached Egg has a feeling when help is needed so he's going to send you to several stations to underline the need of help.
For example Boiled Egg. A young girl pumped up with gasoline and the need for adventures.
Rumors say, that she is distantly related to Lilja.

As we are quite sure to confirm that they must be very close to each other, she will see how brave and fast you really are and pushes you to show your best in a race!

If you want to know more about the possible rewards, open the spoiler tab: