With the Maintenance of 17th of April 2019 the event for additional incentives ended for these instances/dungeons:
  • Noryette Challenge
  • Fall of Hiram City
  • Red Dragon
  • Golden Plains Battle
The Easter event started.
You can accept the quest at Poached Egg in Mirage and enjoy the Spring Race!
Additional info can be found here.

Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed the Trieste Secret Weapon from Howling Abyss can be used to knock people off vehicles
  • Fixed basic Holy Bolt Combo doesn't display a value
  • Fixed hostile animation of Guild Manager Elon and Guild Manager Leon causes Standard to be anchored in NPC's chest
  • Fixed The Windscour Wainwright cannot be completed without help from CS if a player deletes the Trainee's Toolbox
  • Fixed an issue where incorrect information was notified in the Industry Dynamo quest.
  • Fixed one of the Carrot Dashes does not count to the Best Buddy achievement
  • Fixed - Players can enter a raid dungeon without joining the raid