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Thread: A waste of Effort

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    A waste of Effort

    I grinded kyrios badges bit by bit and yes, im bad at pvp, only to afford a soul pet in arena shop. After several weeks of farming in arena I finally manage to get the soul pet. Then comes another hindrance: Ingredients. Ofc i just grinded my ♥♥♥ to get labors from quest, only to make a minimum amount of the items i need( and its not even funny). After that i finally have those requirements. The only thing i need left is the item called breath of small light. Need to remind you that i dont intend to use patron in this game because im njust playing casual since i dont have that much time to play the game. Since the item can only be used in a property, ofc i asked the playerbase if they can lend me their time to make thier property public. Every effort shattered the moment i read on the item's description that it is a bound item and can only be use on ownself, even if the property is set on public.......Now my only solution is to pay for the subscription i even dont want since like i said, Im a casual player and am busy in rl, just to look for a land to be able to finally make my ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ pet...... But I dont want any of those, I just want the pet. is that too much to ask?

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    It's almost as if they design the game so that paying to play, or at least buying apex with gold to play, is the best way to do it.
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    The game is really not intended to be played without patron, I believe. Non-patron is basically a free trial mode, that, instead of being time-limited, has limited features.
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