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    Thank you for the Easter event. Anything is better than no event and this one was not too bad imo.

    Years ago there used to be one event every month, which might be a bit too frequent since people stopped appreciating them. I enjoyed those events where all people from one server got together for time-scheduled minor events, like in the cherry blossom event.

    I also like anything based on the sea with a bit of challenge, like "Riches from the Depth" or "an unexpected Adventure" delivering packs to Growlgate and Freedich.

    The right balance between boring and challenging is so important....

    Our current focus is to ensure live servers remain available for play. Thanks for your support.


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    What are the pros and cons for you of that event?

    Noticed that on free car/bike can use speed skills whitout using eco fuels.

    Would be nice no use of eco fuels also on our own cars bikes etc

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    I actually like the event. It’s a little break from all the grinding for Hiram, raids, and trade pack movements.
    The rewards are decent, given most of it is the same as past event rewards.
    I thought that the little snippet of the story was funny. How the Daru thought humans came from eggs.

    Bad part(s): the ability of other players to impede my completion of the event is fustrating. 4 times had other players either pushed me off the cliff or totally blocked the path to where I could not proceed. I had to wait and come back to finish hours later.

    Considerations for future events:
    it would be great if event completion could not be hindered by other players trolling/griefing, whether it be blocking the NPC or blocking the path.
    Also, the event is really repetitive. It would be nice if each time you accept the event quests, a little something changes.
    On that note, maybe something like where the eggs are hidden can change. Such as, instead of having the NPC tell you where the egg is, kinda just say “the eggs are hidden in this general area” and you have to find it yourself. And again, location of eggs can change each time you accept the quest.

    Thanks AA team !

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    Event are always needed to break repetitive side of game. They should have randomity in it unlike this one, plushie delivery at Jake Song event with random map was fun.

    But for future events EU/NA needs
    Merchant's Costume: Basic
    Merchant's Costume: Trade
    Merchant's Costume: Fishing
    to be awaible. In Korea they have seasonal event tokens which they can use for previous or next event rewards in same season instead of ours event special tokens and can still get them. But newer players here or unlucky ones who missed specific event cant get those anymore

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    Overall the last few Events have been better, at least for me, in several ways.

    1. Being able to do the events when I have time to do them.
    2. NOT being time-scheduled events.
    3. NOT being dependent on other players to be able to complete events.
    4. NOT being too time consuming to complete overall.
    5. NOT being a grind-like experience. Events are supposed to be FUN. A little repetition for a limited time period doesn't bother me, but some randomness (like another player mentioned) isn't bad either.
    6. NOT having to be high geared or pvp oriented. This event was (& a lot of past events were) was more all inclusive (I am slightly handicapped & I am sure I am not the only handicapped player).

    OFF TOPIC-Would actually like to see more of this type of playability available. Once you hit a certain level, there really aren't many places to even grind purses unless you go into contested areas (the Library is a major TIME-sink grind). I only go to contested areas when I happen to catch peace times. Yeah, I am a potato, not entirely by choice though. Just do not have the ability to pvp anymore (reaction time/hand-eye coordination). Only I get dead if I can't react quickly enough to beat the mobs in pve. Other people don't have to depend on me to be able to survive. But, I digress!

    ALSO OFF TOPIC-Could the log in tracker calendar go back to 25 days? Even though I don't work outside the home, I often have trouble making the 28 days to get all the rewards. Real life issues and server down times often make 28 days VERY hard to complete.

    I agree that the rewards/prizes need a little work, but it is getting there. Many players like decor, costumes, emotes & titles (even useless titles, in that they have no buff I believe count towards the title/icon progression system). The manastorm crystals were definitely good since we need so many of them!

    Also agree that other players hindering the completion of event play should have serious punishment (ban anyone?). I witnessed people purposely blocking event npc's, as in there were at least 7 alts clustered (family affiliation marking them as alts) around the turn in npc, making it difficult (not completely impossible) to turn in egg-pack. I would assume that the "away" marking on all of them would indicate purposefully blocking. There are several times I (others players also mentioned this) was being intentionally blocked from passing through on the course and knocked off the event course.

    I agree with someone else that said too many events, timed too close together (maybe about 2 weeks apart for their boredom factor) wasn't a good thing because people weren't appreciative.

    Also, agree with the token subject a couple people mentioned in several ways. The multiples of 10 reward and spendability might help with all the different tokens clogging our inventories. I think a universal token that can be used on all events would be great. As of now, if I do have left over tokens, they are just junk that I worked to get, that are now useless. Maybe a way to get extra tokens after event is over (to complete a prize reward) or a way to get some sort of compensation for left over tokens would be nice.

    On the subject of prizes/rewards etc., I would really like to see less character-bound stuff overall in the game. I have not gotten some mounts, pets, gliders, costumes & decor (that I want) because when it comes time for the dreaded server merges, I have all this stuff that is CHARACTER BOUND and I just don't have room for anymore. I can't even store stuff on my alts on the same account (which I had to buy character expansions for & expansions for warehouse and inventory). ACCOUNT BOUND PLEASE. I have taken great pains to make sure that I don't lose stuff in the mail because of all the horror stories of past situations. I have even had to dump/destroy some stuff (that wasn't even sellable to npc) to not have to destroy other stuff. The mount/glider boxes are a step in the right direction, but please, if it must be bound can it please be account-bound? Decor & costumes NOT being character bound would help this issue. Why are these items character bound anyway? Some of this stuff is stuff I paid REAL MONEY for, like decor boxes etc. Don't really want to lose it.

    But, after this lengthy diatribe, these last few event were better overall than some in the past.
    Thx for even asking what we, the players, think!

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    Free fuel(speed), some tricks on the event, several vehicles.


    Same things like give pack go there then another point then another then another-entering a different building or area would be better while go and come. Bombs, poisons not work effectively. There could be fireworks at final station with checkered flag or a flag with a message or smile etc. Just little touchs

    Future improvement suggestion

    Shortly increase diversity and creativity.
    After game load there can be a reminder message event on mirage isle or ... area
    Assuming at spring race event, maybe speed cloaks or speed buffs could increase move speed 30% at some points.
    Don't wanna do something same longer then 3 minutes at event. Like at this event there were barriers(poison,stun bombs) but after the half way there could some moving walls like at mistsong or smthngs different

    Would you love to see more of these events?

    Yes, keep it alive!
    Everybody cherishes his own way of doing things

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    I Had alot of fun on this event. only con was ppl running you off the road down the cliff was a bit annoying but it was fun..
    nost of the prizes I am not fond of but will find something to use.
    Keep smiling!! Have a great Day!!

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    Events like the barrels of yesteryear, like this one but in races, simple events that do not last more than 30 minutes is fine. That said, what ultimately makes an event good is 3 things.

    1.-Good prizes, good non-tradeable prizes to avoid alters, gildas, kyrios medals, infusions, honor, some work, but above all different things such as simple costumes, there is one if I do not remember one of merchants and another of fisherman, the same with the underwear. New pets or already seen, mounts ... For example put a new thing and another already seen.

    2.-The time. That the events do not cost much time, no more than 30 min. Take a pack from one place to another like here, the event of the barrels ... They can be events that you can do whenever you want or several times a day and you can do it once.

    3.-Entertaining events. They do not have to be elaborate, so they are entertaining or varied enough

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    I agree with the past few suggestion above. I was hoping for more cherry blossom costumes and decor this spring *sadface*

    Favourite events so far have been box-smashing and Jake deliveries - lot of fun, and met so many other players taking and offering a 'taxi' service.

    I'd like to emphasise the following:

    1. PLEASE use a single 'currency' for all future events and allow past event tokens to be converted. Perhaps this could require something like a rune to use up the mountains of stone we seem to be accumulating now...

    2. Allow converted event currency (tokens) to be spent on old or new rewards. This would reduce server load and (I believe) would be appreciated by both 'old' players like me, and new/returning players. Newer players could potentially access old rewards they really want and I'd get several bank slots back.

    3. Please make sure that all event rewards are added to the Folio. It's annoying to have to go to MI to check.

    4. Please communicate exact start and finish dates AND times for events in advance. See post in feedback forum : http://forums.archeagegame.com/showt...al-event-times

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    HI, also ich finde jedes Event ist super, wobei manche einfach bedeutend mehr Spaß machen..dazu zähle ich dieses Event, wo wir Packs übers Meer fahren mussten oder auch das Event in Saatkrähen? jedenfalls Harrania, wo wir mit dem Gleiter eine bestimmte Strecke fliegen mussten.
    Die Gewinne sind manchmal mehr oder weniger nützlich, ich persönlich finde jedes Mal etwas interessantes für mich. ICH LIEBE DEKO^^ würde mir aber auch etwas mehr AP gewinne dabei wünschen, Hiram ist teuer an Labour.
    Womit ich auch zu dem komme, was mir immer am besten gefallen hat: Die versteckten Erfolge in vielen Events, mit Gewinnen die man erst beim xten Mal teilnehmen erreichen konnte, wie damals mit dem Gleiter die Luftblase, die man dann perma hatte. Das war immer ein Riesenspaß, wenn die fleissigen Eventler mit solchen Dingen angeben konnten und die eher faulen sich dann wie irre abrackerten um das auch noch zu schaffen^^
    Die Events waren immer abwechslungsreich, so auch das jetzige, Rennen in Mirage hatte ich noch nie.
    Ich würde mir also eher wenige abwechslungsreiche Events wünschen und zwischendurch ein paar mal leicht zu schaffende Gildenevents.
    Also von mir gibt es zu den Events ein: BITTE MACHT SIE WEITER

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