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    I agree that the events lately are better than before the only issue i see is that the rewards are not interesting for ppl that dont rate decors highly. The manastorm crystals are nice but id prefer if u would offer some decent bufffood. With decent i mean roughly the following:

    1. That +70% lootdrop egg -> make it buyable for coins (15 coins = 5 eggs)
    2. Put old bufffood such as grimoires, kingdoms shadow, runes pufferfishes etc. as rewards so that everyone can get them if they want to. MAKE THEM BOUND! THATS IMPORTANT (Then ppl can stock up some bufffood for important situations but at the same time its not abusable with alts!)
    3. If u give infusions u have to consider the time/reward ratio. (6 infusions for 20 coins is just not a good ratio -> make it 10 infusions for 10 coins and mby ppl buy them)
    4. Ofc u can keep the decor items so that ppl that dont care alot about buffs and pvp still have something to buy.
    5. Put a BIG REWARD for the max amount of coins achivable -1-2 days (basically a reward for someone to tryhard such as the swimmingpool that resets the sleep debuff or a full mount exchangable for coins -> that would look like : 14 days of event = 140 coins max and the mount would be 120 coins, and the pool 130 coins)

    If u do something like that with a big reward and items that are relevant for pvp/ are only obtainable from this event, then ppl should participate in it IF they really want to have an advantage. (WHATEVER U DO MAKE SURE ITS BOUND AND NOT TRADABLE SO THAT IT WONT BE ABUSED BY ALTS!!!!)

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    Sorry if this is repeat but theres alot of post and i didnt read them all.
    Mostly this event is pretty dull, go here grab this, drive in a circle. and the rewards are lack luster. What i would like for an Easter even in particular is an actual egg hunt have say 10,000 eggs (just a random number) per server hidden in hard to reach or often untraveled places, the ocean floor would be good or in random npc house, trees, rocks etc. Have a counter displaying on the screen showing how many have been found out of the total. have the eggs contain things such as loyalty, prestige, labor pots, gilda, vocation, infusions, bluesalt bonds, buffs ect. also have these eggs have a chance to spawn a "grand egg" which would be like the packs at this event and with that egg they have to turn it in to the Easter bunny this rare proc egg when picked up will spawn "egg thieves" at certain intervals to attck the player. each wave becomes stronger(scaling off of the individual that has it for fairness to low lvl or gs), if killed the egg is dropped as a pack and some1 else can grab it. once turned in the pack awards apex/credits, golden keys, tokens, or loot box that was previously released in the cash shop.

    idk just my thought, still some risk reward involved, with some meaningful awards and chance for those who dont pay for credits a chance at some items that are normally locked behind that wall.

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    Personally I'm very event driven so I like a new event every month and a half or so. It's a huge break from the gear upgrade slog and I've missed their former regularity a lot!

    The loot was a decent mix with a bit of everything for all gear levels, not trash but not OP. Good compromise and all bound (I think). The biggest thing missing was that there were no decor item(s) or associated achievements. I kept looking at the achievements hoping I could get that fabulous filigree egg for my house! So there's one suggestion =D

    The racing event showcased motorcycles well and now I want one. Dammit.

    I actually liked the inclusion of an alt friendly alternative! AA gives so much grief to alts when really it's Bots that are the problem. Dont think that course was bot-able so that's gooooood.
    The car didn't handle the course as well as me on my motorcycle anyway and I don't have an army of bots to service, but alts happen so might as well work with them instead of against them!

    The trolls blocking the course were annoying to some but I found them kinda entertaining and feel like I mastered the fine art of boosting my motorcycle over carsr attempting to push me off course.

    More racing events with other types of vehicles and courses would be cool.

    I'd love to see old events returning but don't mind if particular ones are skipped certain years I guess. Keeps things interesting.
    Really need the corgi/goldfish event back though. Theres a goldfish-mount shaped hole in my life.

    Thanks and Keep 'em coming!!

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    First of all, it was an Event - YAY!

    PROs: Races
    I do like these themed 'beat the course' race elements in events (bring back Rum-Runner).
    I've never been a big fan of events that force players into direct PvP or PvP zones part way through a quest-line, but with the race being the finale, not too long, and easily repeatable if you got trolled, it was actually quite enjoyable.
    Trying out the vehicles in a real race (with the free specials) was great. Mid-race collisions and explosions were just part of the fun and the option to take the Rampage and give a ride to my friend who was freaking out about his repeated driving failure was sweet.

    CONs: Boring prizes
    The prizes were too generic, basically just more Hiram stuff.

    SUGGESTIONS: Elements to add to some/all future events.
    • Some sort of leader-board/ranking for characters competing in races/contests and rewarding with titles or achievements.
    • PvE Level-specific quests to farm 'Event Mobs' that can be fought solo anytime (like the Evil Snowmen in Ice Maiden)
    • Group activities (combat) - 'A Big Bad' that shows up every 4-6 hours that groups can kill (like Salt & Sand or Ghost Wedding)
    • Group activities (non-combat) - like 'Candy Toss'
    • Event-specific/themed prizes
    SCHEDULE: More events (six to eight per year at least) and a regular schedule.
    • We need about four regular holiday/seasonal events each year that we can count on (eg. Ice Maiden, Valentines, Blue Salt, Hallowtide).
    • They should run primarily in the lead up to the holiday so we can appreciate the event deco/costumes etc.
    • They should each last two to four weeks.
    • That would leave time to insert additional new events, rerun popular old events, or add mini-contests etc. between them to keep things varied without being overwhelming.
    PRIZES: Should include Event-specific/themed items with something that appeals to everyone. Longer events also need a 'Grand Prize' (like the Bat Roost).
    A good formula would be to include at least one option relating to each category:
    • Book/Decor/Furniture (please not bound)
    • Pet/Mount/Manastorm Crystals
    • Costume/Image Items/Instrument
    • Vocation/Labour/Honour Potions
    • Buffs
    • All things Hiram
    EVENT COINS: We really need a new system for these.
    • Store in a non-inventory location (like loyalty)
    • Allow to be saved until the next repeat of the event then be added to the running total.
    • Create an exchange on Mirage Isle that accepts combinations of all coins for conversion to Gift Coins (leftovers are a problem when some events have had a minimum prize cost of 30+ coins).

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    Quote Originally Posted by SteWarlock View Post
    ...SUGGESTIONS: Elements to add to some/all future events...
    I like all of these suggestions a lot! I love events that have something fun, social, and a little challenging for the players. And I miss getting special decor items as the big prizes (agreed, NOT bound, please) for events too.
    Mulberry ~ Snowberry ~ Kadum East
    Moonstone ~ Kadum West
    Fraxinus ~ Wynn West
    Cinnabar ~ Wynn East

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    My suggestion to make it less grindy - should be fun.

    You have 21(ish) day event. Have the first thing you get from NPC is 10 Tickets. Base the reward system on completing the event 10 times using a ticket each time. Perhaps with a 12hr cooldown or something.

    This makes things achievable by the most people. Give people who play more on weekends a chance to double up a bit on event completions.

    Secondly - there is a problem with people having TONS of free accounts to exploit these events, but you do not want to strip the event out... you also do not want to punish people with more than one REAL(ish) character... I feel the awards need to be different for Patron vs Non-Patron. Perhaps it could be as simple as - Non-Patron all rewards are bound. Patron, many rewards are tradeable. I do not think it is unfair to throw a bone to paying customers (via cash or apex)

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    Quote Originally Posted by SteWarlock View Post
    EVENT COINS: We really need a new system for these.
    • Store in a non-inventory location (like loyalty)
    • Allow to be saved until the next repeat of the event then be added to the running total.
    • Create an exchange on Mirage Isle that accepts combinations of all coins for conversion to Gift Coins (leftovers are a problem when some events have had a minimum prize cost of 30+ coins).
    Completely agree we need a new system to manage these. An alternative suggestion using existing mechanisms (that may be easier to implement) is:
    • Use a single event 'currency' aka token/coin for all future events (I suggest Jake coins as they already exist and are not season-specific). This could remove the need for special storage
    • Allow existing stored tokens/coins to be converted to the new currency (I suggest a 1:1 ratio, to keep it simple).
    • Allow the new currency to be used to claim old event rewards
    • Update the Folio with all event rewards to make it easier to review options. The last few event rewards are not shown, though as someone noted above, we have items listed that have never been available here.

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    I love these Events and it would be fine to have some more.

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    I dont speak for everyone kn this, but here are my opinions about events and what many players J know, including me, want.

    1. More events centered around generating PvP. (There was an event where we had to collect and bring a shining fish trophy to growlgate/freedich to earn our prizes. This created pvp and was a LOT of fun as west and east had to make raids and fight to earn prizes.) Of course non PvP events too. But we never seem to get any PvP events which is a disappointment.

    2. Better rewards. It did feel sucky that for Easter there was no Easter decor. Many people were excited for the possibility of egg or bunny decor. I also think a few infusions or some awakening scrolls for 2 days worth of tokens isnt worth it, as in about 2 hours of farming in hiram I could have earned about the same amount.

    3. More interesting mechanics and quests for events.
    It feels really boring to just have us go back and forth turning things in if there's no PvP involved. It may be cool to implement puzzles or some form of interactive fighting or items for events. The mines in the spring race didnt even always go off if you were driving at a high enough speed. And it sucked that because of the narrow roads many of us got knocked off by others who drove the opposite way to finish the quest.

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