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    A 6000 gearscore entry would be better so many afk's. Im 7.6k gs atm and still need better gear to kill anyone. Also other nations q their alts, last instance i did was 7 people playing and rest where either afk or alts of other players. The fact that player nations/pirates are generaly are people who have reached endgame gear makes the entire instance unbalanced, players under 10k gear score are basicaly feeding them points.

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    The Fall of Hiram City

    I posted this elsewhere but repeating it here so it doesnt get missed.

    I recognise those that regularly afk from Ezi and a lot of them are high gs mains from the top pvp guilds and their alts are not there. They do the same in all 3 instances. There attitude is that they can get something for nothing, so why not. Sometimes they arent even afk, they will just stand there doing zero and talk throughout the whole thing. Raising gs is not the solution . A kick system might improve it slightly but those afkers would then do the bare minimum that they think they can get away with.

    A name and shame list would be a far better solution but isnt allowed on these forums. Maybe if gamingo would set up the facility for us to provide names and servers of the regular offenders (without the hassle of raising tickets) , then gms could randomly check those that are named the most. Add an increasing penalty like ban from all instances for a week going upwards..and hey presto the afks would start to get active (or not join)

    I will add that a 6k gs for halcy wouldnt affect me but Ill point out that the top end pvpers already have other arenas for them. Given that pvp is a significant part of this game, Halcy should remain so everyone gets to have some pvp practise and fun, not just the hardcore.

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