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Thread: EU Servers broke!

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    EU Servers broke!

    Unable to connect to EU Server Screen when starting Glyph up. It goes through all the cinematics then screen goes black before disconnecting completely.NA Servers working though!

    p.s. Strange it seems several people in my guild who live in Norway & Netherlands have managed to log in with no problems. I live in the UK, why is location of where you live seem to affect being able to log in?

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    Can confirm this. 3 seconds of black screen and then it's just crash to desktop.

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    can confirm

    <08:06:46> [82321C2B][Warning] [net 07:06:46.140] socket error: 00000079 Unknown

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    Same here

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    same, lost connection to server on server select
    Order of Melisara

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    I had the same issue and tried a bunch of things to fix it.
    Eventually I came up with a solution, recommended to me by Cansol:
    Step 1: Close all your game instances
    Step 2: Close Glyph
    Step 3: Go to ./Glyph/Games/ArcheAge/Live (or whereever you installed it) and open the history.txt file with an editor
    Step 4: Change the version number to an older one, i used one from an unupdated version I still had on my laptop so in the end the file's content looked like this
    version 371889f
    Step 5: save the change and close the file
    Step 6: Launch Glyph and let it update / redownload Archeage
    Step 7: Problem is hopefully solved, if not try reinstalling/updating your graphic card driver (recommended by the same person but wasnt necessary for me)

    In the end I just want to add that I contacted the support about this and instead of answering the ticket they simply closed it and put it on "solved" ... great help as usual.

    Edit: Simply reinstalling the game did NOT work for me, only with the change of the version id.

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