My friends who were pirates before and stoped playin 2 years ago are loging back in without pirate status due to the January patch changes. They still have over 3000+ infamy so they are instantly gettin wanted debuff and goin to jail on their respective continents. I even got sentenced 4 days jail on my crafter character xD So far 4 ppl have had this and i expect all old pirates returning will go through this stupid situation.

Korea fixed this by resetting infamy on patch day and ported everyone back home. Trion didnt do this..

Now this is very very anti returning players and needs to be looked at.
I mean what choice do u have if u dont know about the pirate quests to rejoin the faction on the day u get back. And even if u do rejoin u will have to login every week or its back to your original nation and hello 3000+ infamy wanted debuff. You basicly have to risk max jailtime wich maybe doesnt even remove all the infamy or try to farm 150k honor as a pirate somehow. This is doable but very tedious just cause trion sucked at patches.

What did other ppl do besides burnin 150000 honor? Can support help and remove this manualy?