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3000+ infamy -> permanent wanted buff
below 3000 infamy -> wanted buff until you went to jail like everyone else with a wanted buff
Ah so you have to do trial in anycase just make sure its below 3000 when u do it. Thanks, very good info

And to all ya'll others just lol...
Its not about crime and punishment and pirating lol.
"dont want to deal with the issues you knew where there" < ppl log in and have no clue about this issue that acually wasnt there 2 years ago lol. They could have left them as pirates and on login informed them "ok timer started u will be booted out in a week for inactivity". Its about clarity.

Its about a person login in and this big development change happens and the player has 0 clue whats going on. You login, die go to prison and watch your screen say "be online 4 days but dont play cause...yeah". What if the person has no gold or honor for draughts to lower bellow 3000? Keep playin with perma wanted? Going jail for 4 days once a week? Guess how inspired ppl feel to play again after that xD. You do want the game to come alive again right?

But its better to be a jaded child about pirates... "system is there" lol
Why do you think korea reset it? Cause it makes sense for the customers and overall gameplay.