We like to introduce you to the newest addition to ArcheAge. Ferath – The Black Dragon.

Legends say that Ferath, brother of Meseth the Red Dragon, lost his sanity after Meseth murdered their father.
Rage overcame his frozen heart and turned it black as the night.

With every heartbeat, pumping hatred through his veins, he turned darker and the wrath took over his mind even more.
Sometimes Ferath can’t even remember what he did, and other dragons had to tell him.

If you listen closely you will still hear the call for his younger sister “MESETH!” in Karkasse Ridgelands in a tone of anger and pain.
Ferath swore to stay at the Keep and destroy anything that gets close to draw the attention of his sister.

Once Ferath was the brightest dragon of Erenor, but now he is a shadow looking for revenge!

Legends say that the wrath in Ferath is so overwhelming that it is nearly impossible to get close to.
His variety of skills grants him to be more deadly than his younger sister and less repetitive!

Be prepared as it is a world boss not hiding in an instance, the other factions may interfere in the battle.

You might hear the Terrifying Roar of Ferath which can be heard throughout Karkasse Ridgelands and locks his foes in place.
You can feel his pain and the shaking of the earth as Dragon's Meteorite crushes the foes of Ferath.

You should be careful when facing him as the darkness in his heart is thriving for revenge and will not just let you pass by unscathed.

The Black Dragon spawns on TUE/THU/SAT at 9:30PM UTC on EU.
We already encountered an issue with the spawn time on the US servers and are investigating the correct spawn times.

For now we can only confirm that the Black Dragon spawned on Wednesday at 7:30PM PDT.