At the moment we are mainly focusing on ensuring the stability on the EU live server. Thatís why the PTS didnít receive the latest content updates.

The PTS is a test server and not a live server environment and we appreciate to see you testing stuff and reporting bugs on it. Bug reports can be a long process from start to finish. First the team must verify and reproduce the bug, report it to the developer, and then test the fix on a future patch. We are working together with XL on as many reproducible bug reports as we possibly can to get them fixed. Sometimes it takes a bit longer, but we are always trying to prioritize the most important bugs so that they are fixed as soon as possible.

As it is a test environment, we will shut it down as soon as we see issues coming up or fixes need to be applied. We try to communicate the shut down as soon as we possibly can. Please always keep in mind that those downtimes can last less than 1 hour but also could last for a longer undefined period.

Our goal is to have the latest update on PTS prior to the Live servers. As soon as we get the new update from the developers, we apply it to the PTS servers. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to guarantee that the update is being applied in time.

Your feedback is still highly appreciated. If you experience skills not working as intended or the description being wrong or just a simple tree blocking your path to provide a pack, we really want those reports to get ArcheAge to its best state.

Speaking of which, we would like to ask you to have a glimpse at the Black Dragon Ferath!
If you want to know more about Ferath, you can read more information here.