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Thread: Server load - his is not acceptable!

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    Server load - his is not acceptable!


    not to enter a dungeon because the server is overloaded is one thing (Abyssal Library)- that should not happen. Not even the bug that you can enter 5 times for free because it doesnt count correct!
    Having a CTD upon Entering FoHC and not beeing able to enter after restart is also not acceptable since i already waited 20min to enter.

    Having a CTD because my jury counter was 2 and probably below is a known bug for years that was never fixed.
    What really pisses me off is that it happened when i was at Lusca, having my Enoan Galleon out and i could not enter the server again due to an overloaded Server! Only after the 4th attempt i could re-enter.

    The state of the Server is close to game breaking.
    All those lags are for sure a wide open door for bug abuse and glitches.
    When the mobs at the Gate (to unlock Kadum) gets killed - i have a huge lag, also when we have a raid and kill a lot of mobs at the same time a Western Hiram mountains it lags a lot.

    And i am not sure what happened a at Abyssal this weekend - Haranya restored - the health of the Holy Beacon jittered - we got the Flag for victory but no workbench and no crystals - later Nuia restored, crystals appeared and also the workbench, but the flag there was Harani - and no flag at DS.

    Can we please get a server that not breaks the game?
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