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    [COMPLETE] Archeage NA Maintenance - 8AM PDT - May 15

    Hello everyone,
    We're bringing ArcheAge NA servers offline for maintenance and patch at 8AM PDT on Wednesday, May 15th.

    This patch will be approximately ~68 MB.
    The downtime is estimated to be about 2 hours.

    Changes this Patch:
    • Ferath will now spawn in Karkasse Ridgelands to be fought.

    The Archeage Team

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    the spawn time for black dragon aint working for me and fellow eu players that come from my time zone.

    6:30PM PDT is 3:30 in the morning for me.

    is it posible you can switch this for the players that come from EU ??

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    Is the event you guys said we were going to have on twitter going to start on this patch? Don't see any other info about it on forums.

    <Tea Time for Kittens>

    J A E S U

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    The teased event will be a part of next week's patch.

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    is there any way to find the patch notes before live ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tinen View Post
    The teased event will be a part of next week's patch.
    Are you serious????????????


    we have a little surprise for you coming with the Black Dragon Patch.
    I Love this Company!

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    Make a competition to make the black dragon's voice

    You know, if the black dragon can talk and ask for his sister's name now? Why not make the black dragon a talking dragon? And why not put the voice of the community on him? make a competition to make whom will voice the black dragon!... maybe do it every year to stir the community.

    The concept

    Make a competition between anyone and everyone of the community, they can join to express the balck dragon's rage. The best lore-wise, the better.

    To make the dragon sound the same, apply a pitchshift to make them look like they are the same person. Also, deepen the voice, it is a gigantic dragon, obviously his voice has to be deep, helping mask the different voices, including if it is male of female.

    I am pretty sure the koreans and russians that XL games help would love the idea too.


    1. The voice-lines or voices cannot be copyrighted, (So no "I am death, I am fire! *firebreath*") .
    2. It has to be lore-friendly ("Sisssssteeeer. . . DIE!" *firebreath* is allowed).
    3. The people wanting to participate need to make the voice-line in creative commons (legal reasons).
    4. There are 4 languages in which to compete. English, German, Spanish and Portuguese (the 4 biggest languages in the NA and EU).
    5. No profanities.
    6. High quality voice-lines.
    7. No screaming or whispering.
    8. Each person has to record 5 lines. 1 line is for when the dragon is flying, 1 for when it is dying, 3 for when it is in the ground (more can be used but I think that is more than enough, it is a polyglot dragon after all, the voice-lines are also different in each language).
    9. Each video has to have a translation of what is being said (if you forget this, it may be a nightmare).
    10. The GM's would find 20 or so videos of good voices and voice-lines (5 for each language) the community may choose who wins (make a pool in the forum or even a good html form may be enough).


    I have no idea what you can give, but let me get you some ideas which correlate with the dragon theme.
    1. Lavaspark (dragon battlepet) .
    2. Red Dragon Mount.
    3. Any dragon/drake mount.
    4. Dragon themed gliders.
    5. Gold (well... dragons have a affinity to gold).
    6. Dragon scales.
    7. Dragon costumes.

    What gamigo has to gain

    1. There are a multitude of voice actors in youtube, which obviously would want to join in the fun. Let them join in and get their viewers interest.
    2. It would stir up the Roleplaying people in AA, those people would make more content to the game to those tired of PvP.
    3. Makes you seen more interested in the community than the previous Trion. As trion made some contests but in this one the one who have the final say is the community.

    If you are interested I can make a good video editing of the black dragon going around so the participants have something to talk over.

    PS. I am posting that in suggestions too.
    A Chill Guy, Green Friendly, Noob Helper.

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    so i guess the suprise was that, we wont get anything this patch huh

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    Thank you for your patience.
    The servers are back online and are waiting for you to log in.

    ~The ArcheAge Team

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    Will the black dragon also be spawning on the Nui server and not just legacy?

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