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Thread: WTS house beans

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    WTS house beans

    I sell new mansion 44x44
    Server: Aria
    zone: Halcyona Prision camp
    I sell it 65k is not negotiable the price goes corde with all materials flat the area and grounds

    I'm not in a hurry to sell it until the following year, it does not end, patron

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    Check again if you can really sell it. An owner once told me that it's like the marketplace farms: You cannot sell it.
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    No, it is NOT possible to sell the bean house. The design is bound and you can't put it on sale once built either.
    It even has it in its description.
    I hope it's just misunderstanding and you're not trying to scam ppl.

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    it's not flat, it's the house built
    Anyway I will ask then why there are to remove doubts
    Well, if hahah still built, you can not sell it badly: D

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