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Thread: Markpetplace premium items refund

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    Markpetplace premium items refund

    Recently servers were again offline and AGAIN we lost time on timed items from marketplace. We were unable to complete quests for credits. Scroll is supposed to be for 28 days from which we lost in last month 4 days because of servers being offline. This costs 4200 credits ( 2100 if on sale ) - and You can buy 3 different scrolls and loose on all .

    When people like me will be granted refund for this and how to get it ? I keep hearing about compensation but this is different i bought things and it was not delivered.

    Until i hear official statement where Gamigo will guarantee this kind of situation wont happen im not going to buy any other premium items because its clear Your company is unable to deliver.

    End servers are again offline, so 5th day is ongoing.

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    For me the servers not online dont allow me to tick the daily reward. I'm someone that's playing after his job time and family time and the fact that the servers got so long afk the last months costed me the end of the month reward.

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