Hello everyone,
There have been a few long maintenances on the EU server to assist in the stability and latency of the servers as well as various hardware maintenances. These hardware maintenances, while necessary, have given us a lot of feedback from the community. In many of the maintenance threads of the hardware maintenances, a lot of players wanted us to address what the compensation is and when you’ll receive it.

We understand your frustrations with the longer maintenances, but we haven’t forgotten about the compensation! We’re just working our hardest on providing the stability to the EU servers first. Once stability on the EU server is reached, we will be giving the consolidated compensation for all the downtimes and issues that have been occurring. Compensating in this way ensures that everyone will be able to make use of the compensation efficiently without any stability issues with the server preventing playtime. Additionally, the team cannot provide information as what the compensation will be quite yet. We want to make sure that the compensation is fitting to the amount of down time and issues experienced. After the team concludes what it should be, we’ll notify everyone through this thread.

We appreciate your understanding and patience as we work on the EU servers.

Thank you,
The ArcheAge Team