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    Unable to equip costume images

    "I dont know is this a feature or a bug, but after removing all kinds of image items they become unavailable to equip. This might be okay, but costumes like puppy onesie and kitty onesie, which are supposed to restore 50 labor after sleeping, only give the "buff" whenever they arent on a basic costume. So, if one of these two costumes have been equipped on a basic costume they become completely useless. I'm pretty sure many people have this issue, please fix that asap."

    Ticket I've recently submitted.

    Ticket number 1213760
    <Axis of Nova>

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    I am sorry to inform you that this is the current intention of the imaging system. I will ask XL if there is any possibility of the imaging system changing again to resolve issues like this one, but until XL decides that it is something to change, I would be careful about imaging items that have any feature on them like the Kitty/Puppy Onesies. I do appreciate the report, and I hope this information helps.

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    I just came back to check on the game after a long hiatus and found this very shocking. I have a LOT of costumes, and this is quite a hindrance. I can't wear most of them anymore, without swapping them out for others in the synthesized costume shells. Please submit to XL that this is not something beneficial, or give us their reasoning for making this change. Aesthetics matter!

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