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Thread: Transfer or dead!

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    Exclamation Transfer or dead!

    that FS is dead we all know, what we do not know is when we can open a simple transfer to a more populous server, help us to continue playing AA, release the transfer!

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    Enjoy your day, create a theme-- play on RU server. There is a desire to make a transfer to your servers. The official developers of ArcheAge on the RU ignore my topic, or they have no answers ... There is an option to turn directly to those servers to which I would like to make a transfer. Is there any such possibility in general ??? "Transfer one character"

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    The goal of fresh start was to sucker people into spending more $ and then ditching the server. If you have a character or characters on this server then you may as well retire them. They're already considered dead. Just like this server. There is no point in logging onto Nui. Unless you like being alone.

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