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Thread: Proficiency levels bugged?

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    Proficiency levels bugged?

    So I am naturally leveling up larceny as I unveil Hiram infusions and that kind of stuff, I'm at level 5 right now and the skill should be giving me an exp bonus of +100% and a labor cost reduction of 20%, however the labor cost reduction is only 10% (tested on multiple items) and the bonus exp isn't 100%, but only 10% compared to other skills that spend the same amount of labor. What's going on here?

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    The bonus applies at the reaching of the max lv not when you start at the lv.
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    oh alright, that kind of explains the lacking labor reduction, however the bonus exp is still extremely wrong :x

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    Quote Originally Posted by Auxi View Post
    however the bonus exp is still extremely wrong :x
    The exp you see are already a result of various boosts which you need to keep in mind when comparing your proficiencies.

    Answers from an older thread that may help you find out the issue:

    Quote Originally Posted by Turambaredolas View Post
    patron (+20% exp)
    guild buff (+7% exp / +14% exp)
    family buff (+20% vocational exp)
    Quote Originally Posted by Raffin View Post
    Elorin is correct, as is Turambaredolas and Txeptyip. OP you are not using the actual base xp gained from opening the coinpurse in your calculations, you need to factor out everything giving you bonus exp from your control first, like guild buff, proficiency xp ratio, patron buff, family buff, etc. XP potions only increase the base amount given. Also, use a vocation or professional tonic if you're wanting to really benefit from xp gained from labor spent.
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