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Thread: Lost Farms / houses.

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    HI, sorry that noone helped you really.
    You can buy some Farms for credits, Gildas and Loyas in Market Place.
    But also you can do the Bluesaltquest, starting in Solisa/Halcyona. In this lovely Quest you can get a lot of Pots, an hauler and also 1 of this 16x16 Houses AND 1 garden and an 16x16 Farm..
    This would be help a little bit in this Time you wait for answer from Gamigo.
    Sorry, my english isnt very good, hope you did understand me

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    You are not the only one with issues , i'm missing a 28x28 house , i am missing a 24x24 house, i am missing 2-3 gazebo's which i believe all were 24x24 as well since thats how big they are, and a bunch of other stuff such as house decorations and what not, funny thing is, i saved it all in my fully expanded warehouse and inventory on my character before i quit the game back in 2016 and returned here 16 days ago, and im missing all of that plus alot of other weird items have gone missing such as my swim feet and what not which i swear i saw no more than a few days ago, perhaps because the server runs like ♥♥♥♥ at every reset every day and a bunch of people just get CTD ( crash to desktop ) out of the blue while trying to do the WHM dailies.

    But then again its not exactly like AA has been kept updated or optimized for new hardware or even older hardware ever since it came out and don't count on XL games to fix anything.

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