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Thread: More money for gamigo and less for gold sellers

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    More money for gamigo and less for gold sellers

    1 - end of item Transportation ticket follow in general merchant; this item benefits more gold sellers than the active players in the game;
    2 - end of ladder in CARGO SHIP: hundreds of gold seller win onyx as alts and do not even need to patron the account, therefore prejudice to gamigo. The alts stay safe in the ladder. With the end of the ladder and entering just behind the cargo ship, the alts will take more risks.
    3 - Packs should be delivered only in cities of enemy continents, so the end of packs of maps in peace (can be delivered only on the enemy continent) and inside the continent only those removed from warring cities. With that the time of the packs would be like before without clock, being able to be stocked (term of 5 days).

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    wtf that would only be good for high gs players, pirates and thiefs... i guess you are missing some victims to steal huh?

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