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Thread: Hello there ppl! :) Question abd spellsinger!

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    Hello there ppl! :) Question abd spellsinger!

    Hey there! Im returner player and i wanna ask if spellsinger is still something worth in this times in AA?
    And if yes i wanna ask is better to be cloth or plate one and what build is the best? )

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    few people are already that class
    usually go with fanatic or Spiritualis or Specter
    the armor men depends on the taste
    now I also tell you for every 20 meles, a magician
    and every time open more meles for the new branch, which will come
    my advice if you make cloth make yourself apart the chest plate with shield you take 15k I did it is going very well agunta quite
    make yourself a set hiram bookstore ami do not convince me I see it very soft
    another thing lunagem put Attack Speed to full, the cast time, few magicians, they take them already
    if you go armarte de 0 put defense penetration and critical rate that 2 a full
    people go full Resilience the magician does not do half harm before it's better to go like that

    I wrote it with the translation if you do not understand something sorry

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