Since the last merge I can't use one corner of my treehouse plot to put a Majestic Tree or Mining Drill down. Normaly you can use 2 out of the 4 corners for those items. Was the prime reason why I bought a treehouse in the first place.
Changing auto-align function doesn't help, changing char doesn't help, removing all objects doesn't help. It always shows a 'green' circle so I should be able to put it down, but eveytime I get the same message: to close to another object.

Made a ticket back in february already (1194519) but, beside a 'Sorry for the wait!' mail a week later, had no response. I got 2 more guildies with a treehouse that have the same issue, so could you guys please adress it?
With the current ore pirces we're losing gold every day since 3 months now already.

EU-Server: Jakar
Location: Marianople, Blusterfeld (west-bank)