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    Healers and Boat Repairs

    Healer boats repairs are scaled off of a boat owners healing crit rate. This means that just a few repairs going off nearly full heals a boat, while removing the healer gear means a crew has to get off exponentially more repairs. Is this a bug or is this intended?

    If this is intended, why don't other things involving boat combat scale off of crit rates like cannonshots (ranged), flamethrower/missiles from a lion figurehead (mage), and ramming damage (melee).

    If it's not intended, it's a warping aspect of naval combat and should be fixed.

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    This could explain a few things - I've seen HUGE repairs going off on boats that just don't make sense, and assumed somebody had very, very high machining prof (though I'm pretty sure that does make a difference). But still...

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    You can easily test it. Find a healer with a boat. Damage it a bunch. Repair a few times, look at the amount it heals. Now have the healer get naked, repair again and look at the difference.

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    Thank you for the report. I have sent word to XL about this issue.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Myru View Post

    Thank you for the report. I have sent word to XL about this issue.
    Is this in fact an "issue" (crit heal rate on boat owner affecting ship repair) or a game mechanic? Any word?

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