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Thread: Turtle Ship

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    Turtle Ship

    Can a Dev confirm or deny that the Turtle Ship is still in existence on PTS please.. before wild goose chases begin?

    Thanks and thank you in advance for fixing the server and fluffy.

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    We got the ships when quill was here have not seen any after that time Iím an explorer looking for chest

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    I checked a few of the spawn locations and they don't seem to be up. Maybe a GM has to be on and spawn them, I'm not completely sure how it works. Here is an image of the spawn points that we found back when Quillodon introduced them to us and helped us find them. When you see the locations in game, there's a bright blue balloon, and a crap load of tiny bright blue jellyfish all around where it would be. https://i.imgur.com/tVImG5x.png

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