To the new CMs & GMs of ArcheAge, do you guys/gals think you'll ever feel the want (or need) to pop onto the PTS and hang out/play with players? I know some of the y'all are new and might not be used to that, but the old ones used to do it a lot, and it always made for really fun and memorable interactions between the players and staff. I think another bonus to that was that whenever one of them was on, they'd be able to communicate to us directly about specific bugs that needed to be tested, see what may or may not be working at the time, and/or have us test things in general. Overall, it was good times all around and I was just curious as to what you CMs & GMs thought about this sort of thing. Sometimes the PTS can get a bit quiet, and when the staff would hop on it would be exciting and fun; sometimes brighten the otherwise dull day a bit. It would be great to have that sort of thing happen again.