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Thread: MP crates broken??

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    MP crates broken??

    Are they completely broken or what? A friend isn't able to gift or even buy any of the crates for himself, but I've seen some of the items from said crates being put up on the AH this past week so?

    Edit: A friend mentioned that she noticed how the rng crates seem to break whenever the MP is changed on live but the crates still remain the same on the PTS. I'm pointing this out because I would very much appreciate if you guys could fix the MP but keep the items the same for a few more days at least, maybe a week max, before rotating the current crates out, as there are some things that I've been trying to get from those particular ones and it'd be really disappointing to have them just changed like that. Please consider, thank you!

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    Same, cannot test my crate rng on pts. fbm

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