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Thread: Weapon Swap feature

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    Weapon Swap feature

    The weapon swap feature works great for swapping between dual weild and say a honor nodachi

    But how are you meant to use it if you have for example a kraken shield ?

    It would be much more useful if you could have a option to lock in your main hand and off hand as the default swap. giving you the ability to use any weapon on your hotbar without it getting stuck

    or am i just using it wrong?

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    there is a lock feature for it, in the window you put in the piece you want to swap to you can lock the mainhand spot if you only want to swap your shield or offhand

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    its not ment for Multiply item swaps.
    thefore majority of veteran players, perfer to swap with regular key binds.

    the main issue there is that its based on 2x extra slots
    which take the items from your inventory
    and while the gear is inside theose "slots" you can't use it via keybinds

    also its limited only to 2 setups
    and if you try to mix a 3rd weapon swap somewhere during PvP
    it doesn't let you equip it or it just locks it inside the "hidden slots"
    anyway its a mess

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    they should keep the new weapon swap feature, and remove the limitations that were imposed with it since we had the other system where we could swap weapons during cast/CCs which made the difference between good players and bad/new players.

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