I just returned from a long hiatus to check on the state of the game, and was thrilled to see that the current NA servers are doing very well. I could complain more about the nerfs on trade since 2.9, but the last cargo fix was beneficial (even if the rest just restricts choice). I do have a very large beef with the changes to costumes, however.

We can no longer equip costume images unless they are in a tradesman or synthesized shell. I fail to see how this change is beneficial. I (like many others) have a lot of costumes, and like to change between them quite often, but now it's a big hassle to have to swap them out with the shells just for a few minutes of wearing time. In another thread I saw that XL did this in changes made with the imaging system. As far as I can remember, you couldn't equip other image items anyway, so the system just broke costumes.

I'd like to hear others thoughts on the changes, or XL's reasoning, or if it's just a code error that will be fixed in an upcoming patch. Thank you!