The farming and crafting got too much nerfed down we still have the "starting" crafts. Maybe they should make new 230k crafts for items that you cant find in shop or drops or auction house. Adding the craft request didnt help a lot.

The crafting and housing part is totally neglected, nothing really new since start, excepted the 80k max limit levelled up to 230 k.

Why not add good housing that takes a new level of crafted materials? and don't add them in shop. So a new level of ingots, bricks, lumber, construction etc. Also add a new level for alchemy for better pots with new materials to grow that require farming/gathering above 230k
Also give a basic amount of taxes to pay for it, like 5 taxes per week so that players can spend a lot of labour on levelling their prophyciencies.

Also remove the max of prophiciencies you can get on one toon. I think all prophiciencies should be levelled up to a max with labour. No limit of 2 or 3 or so.