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Thread: Other mmorpg's with housing and farming?

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    Other mmorpg's with housing and farming?

    Anyone reccomend another mmorpg with farming and housing?

    prefer something that is...
    1. Non instanced housing / farming
    2. not forced or open free range pvp
    3. first/third person viewpoints, like archeage, not ultima online overhead type.
    4. somewhat modern graphics, unlike shrouds of avatar..
    5. large worlds / non instanced prefered
    6. adult, non childrens game.

    Been looking for awhile but still subbing and taking up space in this game.. lol

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    No one like Archeage, others are just trash.

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    well ive been with archeage hardcore for awhile in alpha/beta and some of release.. then casually, as friends depart and ive ended up alone..

    some things have improved but its getting worse.. im just a traderunner/farmer as is other members of my real family that play, but heck since maybe oct 18, we've just been loggin in to pay rent, resecure new lands in hopes it improves. i check the forums often and I dont see much improvements. But i keep my sub up.... addicted to my house and property i guess... lol =)

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    Hard to find something better based on your list. The game is receiving some improvements, next two big patches (specially when they bring the 64bits client) will be awesome.
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    the game that Comes near to your description may be Black Desert, but you have instanced housing in the cities and can place your farm whenever you want, also instanced, so no Problem with land.
    The housing is not that nice as in Archeage, but you have lots of choices in the cities.

    Graphics are nice, but again, the Feeling of Archeage is different, try it and you'll see....

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