To be fair, the new infusions from instanced and marketplace quests more than make up for the previous grind. Progression isn't much slower than before unless you are those that dedicate 3+hours a day to grind infusions.

I play daily but don't do contests so I guess I am part hardcore part casual? I don't mind the grind since that is the only thing left in this game for me. I have 12k GS as a potato with full hiram. I just don't like PvP and the meta of heavy CC or stupid 3hit combos with battlerage without TWT gems to counter said CC.

Ftp, p2w games always die out because the hardcores need to prey on the casuals to have their fun. And constantly being griefed will drive any player away so the pool of players will dwindle until there is the last group of 'winners' left in an empty game. No point lamenting it.

I doubt those hardcore players paying the bill will leave. They stayed when every server bar one was ♥♥♥♥ before merger. As long as there is one person for them to grief they will still remain.