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Thread: To much Stuns skills

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    To much Stuns skills

    Guys really dont act to some ppl they cry here and need more stuns and this and that,
    iam archer bow erenor +23 epic i cant make dmg like hiram epic +20.
    what the most here is wirred fight begin, nui run to me Stun + 1 Skill use or two= death i can just look i cant nothing do..


    second fight he know iam near one hit he stun me but not kill me,, stun is over i run away he stun me again.. death..
    what make here sense so much Stuns this is like kiddy style,,, many games dont have so much stuns and is work better fight is more interessant and funny, when i get stun and one hit me then i dont need fight i run to him and i go smoke one.. only i can do

    It will be nice archer getting better stats and skill,, and guys really get off this so much stuns,.. make more fun fight then stun.

    This is typical German player they like mages play he stun u and make a big crit u die,, woooow he feel better then he is the Best woooow.

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    What's your toughness, resilience and magic defense?

    I'm an archer too and against mages, it's not hard to win if you know what you are doing.

    You can play Ebonsong, when you get CC'd you can just use Defiance, Back Drop into Concussive Arrow and then just do the full damage rotation on them. If they are a staff user, you can kill most of mages fairly easily after the concussive.

    If they are not a staff user, if they go with scepter + shield then you should play something like Ebonsong so you have a shield disarm.
    If you want to be a good archer, you need to be quick with your combos, abillities and movement.

    To me it seems like you are a paper archer that has virtually no tanky stats.

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