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Thread: Compensation

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    The most *xxxxxxx* about this joke compensation is teh fact that they have spent time on thinking about it, and this??? is the result? This is an Insult for all Players.
    Ok, i first got it wrong, i thought it was the amount for EVDERY downtime in June, so 20 packages of this would be a good Approach.
    but when i realized this is the whole compensation.....
    Remember, Non-Patrons lost Labor all the time the Servers wer down, so 3k Labor, seriously??? 30k is a real Scenario.

    And if you guys from gamigo think, what?? 30k Labor are you Players crazy?
    Get back to the 20ish downtimes and tell us Players about what is crazy, please!

    If you are serious with compensation, you send 1k Labor EVERY downtime occurs, immediatley after the downtime, without anyone asking, THAT is compensation.
    People did not mention the hiram infusions and stuff People could not farm, but you see the Point, thinking about compensation and considering it was a one time Problem is one Thing, but we had a month full of downtimes, losing trucks and ships full of packages the disappeared and many more problems

    Iy you take your time and this is the result - you may turn off the lights.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Enyo View Post
    So, I read the Terms Of Service the other day when logging in...

    Spoiler alert: They don't owe us anything. Any compensation is just a kind gesture on their part, and a way of saying, "We're sorry for the inconvenience. Bad stuff, that was out of our control happened, but here's something, because we appreciate your support for the game". It's just a game, and shouldn't consume all of your free time, so please don't act entitled and just enjoy what you do get. The glass is half full.
    If I was Gamigo, I wouldn't give any compensation at all anymore since people gonna complain either way.

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    i don't take any compansation.where is my compensation?

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    rly so when are we even getting the compensation? o,O

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