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Thread: Not enough items

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    Not enough items


    I have 2 farmhouses built and I try to put a third one down but it gives me "Not Enough Items"

    I have Tax Certs
    I have Building titles.
    I have Gold
    I have Labor
    I have all the materials in my bag.

    Help? :<

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    Blue salt hammer? ( or whatever it was called)
    1 g from general merchant.

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    Nope. That didn't work .-.

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    Case solved.

    I had 244 Tax certs, it needed 310 to place it down.

    Advice for Trion/Gamigo, go to wikipedia and learn basics of usability. "Not enough items." is not clear for a user to understand what is missing. Thank you, rubbish employees.

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    in the UI that usually pops up once you left click it says how much tax certificates are required to place, if that didn't pop up that sounds like that should be reported, if it did and you just didn't read it that's a you error not employee error.
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