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    [Complete] PTS Event Extravaganza

    Hello everyone,
    We are holding an event extravaganza on the PTS to celebrate the Echoes of Hiram update coming soon to the live servers! You will be able to see Eastern Hiram Mountains first hand and participate in events and win prizes for your Live Server characters.
    The festivities begin on Monday June 25, 2019 at 10 AM PDT (5 PM UTC) and you will be met with portals in Austera and Marianople. We have a detailed event list, with a new event on the roster to test out on PTS1.

    Trivia - Be the first to answer the trivia questions related to the Hiram Mountains and win 10x Manastorm Crystals per correct answer on your Live Server character!
    Protect the CM - The CM is squishy, and needs to make their way to the Northern Gate from the Hall of Warriors... Can you protect them from the dangers of Eastern Hiram Mountains? If you do, all participants get 10x Sweet Candy on the live server!
    Monster Madness - Oh no, the monsters are out of control! Defeat all five waves of the monsters and all participants will receive 5x Loyalty Tokens per waves survived!

    Finally, the CMs want to take a screenshot with you! Come take a group photo with us. You might even see yourself on our Social Media pages!

    The rewards from all the events will be sent in the following weeks of the event, we'll let you know when they're on they're way to everyone! We are looking forward to showing off some of the Eastern Hiram Mountains and spending time with you!

    We hope to see you there,
    ~The ArcheAge Team

    We are going to set up Festival Portals to the Shadowguard event at the spawn zones of each race and in Marianople/Austera. The CMs will wait for you there and open up Portals to the Hall of Warriors in Eastern Hiram.
    If you are already in the Hall of Warriors you do not need to get to Austera/Marianople or the Shadowguard Event.

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    You guys should come fight the servers or let us pirate you guys for some sweet packs or at least try. Maybe a Massive Naval battle Us Vs Gamigo.You guys might become fans of this game yourselves and see its potential .We are in massive need of revamp pack system closer to the old one and expanded world map just for starts.

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    Please suggest to XLgames that the trade system before 3.0 ws perfect for new players and veteran.

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    Pack system

    I agree, the pack system should have never been changed.. i'ts been a failed experiment. Time to rectify this!

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    sounds fun see you there

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    Guys I like this. But why do it when everyone is at work? Why not do it in the afternoon or the weekend.

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    Sorry, but none of the rewards are appealing enough for me to join this event.
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    Agree, Pack system change was horrible it killed ocean open world pvp.

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    The funny thing is that they created the new pack system to "stimulate" ocean PvP because of the lack thereof. But the problem was that there were less players because many left. And as much as people don't like merges, the merge solved that. Post merge had the pack system not changed, there would have been tons of merchants on the waters. And merchants in general would have been relevant again. Players, should they choose to NOT ride the cargo ship and run it themselves are only gonna run so many. Very FEW will run merchants. But put the pack system back and the waters will be full of them again. Full convoys of them loaded with packs and plenty of ocean PvP. But heaven forbid XL actually think that hard on it. Unfortunately I don't think they will ever change it back.
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    Good day, Guys;
    There are several things I'd like to address, pertaining to this "era of changes" in Archeage.
    However, to begin with, one thing needs to be clarify:
    My understanding is that the Archeage Templates (the system we're "playing on"; NA, EU, etc), which are ran by Archeage Engine and operated nowdays by GamiGo) come from Korea (Archeage developer & manufacturer). Every parts, updates, adjustments and things are made by Korea Archeage. They send those to GaminGo for applying it (on the Template they run). Therefore, adjustments and suggestions, any type of modifications the participants are asking for can't be made by GaminGo on the Template. Despite maintenance, there is nothing that GaminGo (or any operator) can do on the Template. Because modifications can only be made by Korea Archeage.

    That being said, and holding for a response on that,
    - I agree: the oversea cargo and transport systems were better before the Merging.
    - Also, the Packs system was better (before the Merging).

    - Since we will be reaching Max Lv A55 very soon, will the Battle Pets get an increase to their Max Lv too?
    - Are there new Maps with foes giving higher XP on the way?

    - One last thing: is it legal to position your ship for T-Bone the captn Shuttle
    (and thus everyone on board gets in the water and their cargo taken)?

    Looking forward,

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