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Thread: found bugg in update

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    found bugg in update

    1. I can't spawn any mounts, battlepets or powerstone pets in some area's in Auroria. Effected area's: Calmlands, Marcala, Heedmar and Nuimari. When I try I get the message: "can't use this in an area under siege".

    2. text typo in the race quest 'The Path East': "...., but it will protect is from the weather……." instead of "...., but it will protect us from the weather……."

    3. some skills used by Elite serpent champion in eastern Hiram are untranslated in the battle tab

    4. Achievement Quest 'Pretty Darn Adorable' to get the pet hotel: name's of the Mini-Miner Nanobot and the Steelspine Thornboar don't match of the actual in game pets. Being: Mini-Miner and Steelspine Thornboar.

    5. Blank Workers Permit is not in the guild prestige shop anymore. All npc at the castle are still asking for it tho. Where can you get it now?
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    are lord's coins supposed to be able to be converted to something?
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    The cutscenes featuring Lucius in Eastern Hiram Mountains have no subtitles or audio just a bunch of bars where the subtitles should be.

    The book that you get during the EHM questline opens up to talk about the Firran Military and not the Horadium (spelling?) that it is supposed to be about.
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    Additional bug in pts

    From the patch notes: "Multiple of the following items can be opened in a single use. Random Migration Pendant, Cloaked Migration Talisman, Cloaked Drain Talisman, Cloaked Lunagem, and Infusion Supply Kit."

    In PTS, the option to open multiple migration pendants in one sitting is greyed out. Item I'm trying to use it on: "Cloaked Strength Migration Talisman", which is from general vendor.

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