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Thread: @Carendash / @iArches, could we get an official answer about it?

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    @Carendash / @iArches, could we get an official answer about it?

    Currently the Marvelous Mab Power-Pet say that once you use his Skill you get transformed in a Random Creature (Gaining 50% Movement Speed) and you will be removed as Target and you can't be Targeted for 3 Seconds (Like Shadow Cloak from Malediction or Sonic Wave from Songcraft).

    Right now it only remove the Target when you use it, but after that you can be Targeted during these 3 seconds while you are transformed.

    Could we please have an answer if it is working as intended (So is a Localization Error in translating the Ability) or it is indeed a Bug?

    It would be nice to know if it's only a Bug or it is suppoted to work like that since everybody are asking about it.

    Thank you.

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    Its working as intended but tooltip is wrong. Its working the same way in KR and RU

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    So its basically a novelty item?

    Polymorphic Resonance was one of my favorite skills in the game, they should have made a flute with it in the library dungeon

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