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    [COMPLETE] EU Maintenance - 8AM UTC - 5th of July


    We will be taking down the Archeage EU servers for maintenance on July 5, 2019 at 1AM PDT / 8AM UTC. This downtime is estimated to take 3 hours.

    The size of the patch is ~70mb.

    Changes with this Patch:
    • Fixed that some Auroria zones are not allowing pets and mounts to be summoned
    • Fixed the recipes for Violet Bloomfang, Kindled Spirit and Conker’s Cube that are exchanged for Manastorm Crystals at the Manastorm Fountain in Mirage Isle. This is only affecting new recipes.
    • Fixed recipes requiring Total Upgrade Tickets instead of the correct Multi-Wagon Upgrade Tickets.

    ~The ArcheAge Team

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    What about the ongoing bugs in Golden Plains (Halcyona)? People still crashing out although it seems a little better as does the lag. There is a new bug where only 1 Raid is formed and a second raid consists of 25 people not in a raid which leads to most of them afk'ing as healers can't heal, so no-one get healed plus you cannot see where on the map combat is taking place and ofc cannot see raid commands any way! It's happened to every Halcy I've done recently and I do it twice daily!

    Oh by the way what about all our crests on our sails, flags, picture frames, furniture etc., that all disappeared after the patch? Are we getting them restored? (I have some irreplaceable crest items made for me which cannot be replaced)

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    Seriously? 3 maint in 1 week??? and this is so important it just couldn't wait until regular maint?

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    Will you also fix the problem that some patron do not gain labor while offline?

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    Because of this expected maintenance this morning, I stayed logged in for a bit past reset last night so that I could see what missions I had for the daily contracts and I changed a few. So I went to bed knowing how much running about I neded to get done today with the reduced uptime hours.

    However I login in this morning to see that the missions have been reset yet again and I notice that track login isnt working again. I dont see any mention of the server being rebooted or reset last night anywhere in these forums but something has definately happened.

    I even completely relogged to see if that would fix track login but it hasnt.

    Maybe the intermittent issue with track login is connected to the missing offline labor ?

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    Welcome to the Maintenance Simulator 2k19 a.k.a ArcheAge...
    Now seriously.... The step you have taken to bring the servers back to hardware was the smartest thing... but making maintenance 5 times a week it's so wrong...
    People that are paying for the game expect 99% uptime but instead we're getting 99% downtime....
    Also you should investigate the possibility to fix these random crashes.. it's really annoying..
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    So tired of maintenance.
    Everybody loves a Skullknight party
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    aim sick off it

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    Gamigo tryed to awaken eu servers > mayor failur.

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    When will be fix bug with login tracker????

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