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Thread: havest coin tokens ????

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    havest coin tokens ????

    so i been doing the shadowguard coin 2019 daliys now and today when i dit it.. 2 of my chars got 3 harvest event coins and i dont know how or wher i got them and i got 4 chars i do them daliys whit but my other 2 chars diten get and i dit the exaly same think as i dit whit the other 2...
    so wher the hell do that harvest event coins come from coz when i look at the machine in mirage you can get somthink from the harvest coints in the shadowguard event but the cost like 50 or 100 and i only resive 3 of them so fare on 2 chars and i got like 110 shadow guard tokens .. anyone els got this problem ?? on not gettin the harvest coin

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    Achievement for using the Event Portal 10 Times.

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