The Dark Tower <TDT>

Experienced Guild with a deep-rooted history of AA Guild is recruiting again.
Active-Participant-Discord User players are needed only.

Server: Taris - Haranya
Level: 2
Leader(s): Blackhand & Rio
Primary Language: English and Turkish
Ativities: Dungeons, PvE, PvP (both land and naval), Trading, Daily Hiram Quests, Fishing

In a land of myth, and a time of magic... the destiny of a great adventure rests on the shoulders of the One Guild. Its name is... The Dark Tower.

More information:

We are recruiting players of all levels and experience. New players get guidance and help they need, experienced players get new friends and comrades for harder dungeons and massive PvP. We help our players get armor and money then need, but don't expect us to do and give you everything as soon as you join. If you are active, help our guild and other members, you will be rewarded.

  • be active – use guild chat; don't be afraid to ask for help; join others for guild activities
  • help us – since our guild still needs some leveling, every xp is welcome and your efforts will be noticed
  • understand English – even thought there are members speaking other languages, raid leaders will speak English so everyone can understand; your English doesn't have to be perfect, but you need to understand commands
  • be friendly – everyone has a bad time time by time, but guild members are people you will live with in this world and living with enemies is not as pleasant as living with friends

Among the guilds a time in where the Elven-kings under the sky,
where Dwarf-lords in their halls of stone, where Mortal Men doomed to die,
the Ferre in the wilds and Warborn lived in harmony In the Land of Nui but,
The One Guild was only for the Dark Lord on his dark throne,
In the Land of Nui where the Shadows lie where,
One Guild to rule them all, One Guild to find them,
One Guild to bring them all and in the darkness bind them,
In the Land of Nui where the Shadows lie.

Guild Rules :

1. Treat all clannies and allies with respect. Be patient and tolerant, and try not to take unnecessary offense.
2. Support the goals and activities of the clan as much as possible.
3. Help each other any way you can. This could mean something as simple as just joining a party to help someone level up, scouting non-peace zones for enemies, sharing information on how to set up a toon, etc.
4. Download teamspeak and use it. (URL for Teamspeak is You don’t HAVE to have a microphone or headset but it’s essential to be able to listen to instructions during raids and sieges.
5. Real life takes priority over the game. If real life keeps you from being able to play for a while, please post a short notice on the forums or contact one of the clan officers.
1. Teamspeak is mandatory if you want to participate. Note: If you are hearing impaired or have some other special reason for not using vent, notify your party leader in advance so you can receive typed instructions.
2. Be available to get in parties early. For sieges, parties need to be set up and ready to go before the siege begins so you need to be at the assembly area (usually the RP clan hall) at least half an hour early. For raids, there is a limit set by the game on the number of people who can participate and spots fill up fast. Again, be there at least half an hour early or you may not get a spot in the raid.
3. Make sure you have everything you need in your inventory BEFORE the raid/siege begins. If you need an item for an instance zone, have it ready. For sieges, make sure you have any charms, elixirs, potions, etc. in your inventory before the siege begins.
4. The raid leader is usually the only person who will be speaking in vent during raids. Limit casual chat since the leader needs to have constant access to the channel so he/she can pass instructions to ensure the raid is successfully completed.
5. Since participants in raids are limited, main toons/dual main toons will be given priority over alt toons.
This is a large guild with people from many countries and walks of life. It should go without saying that any kind of bigotry will not be tolerated. Open drama or conflict, especially in open teamspeak, faction chat, guild chat or any kind of chats among either guild or ally members will also NOT be tolerated and could result in expulsion from the guild.
1. Guild members may NOT PK other clan members except under the very narrow circumstances specified under war rules.
2. Disagreements between guild members will be dealt with by those individuals in either a private temaspeak channel or using the game’s private message function. Again, open conflict where it disturbs the enjoyment of the game by other guild members/allies is strictly forbidden.
3. If you and the other person/persons can not resolve a problem, contact a guild officer to settle it. A list of guild officers is located on the guild announcement when you log in, and you can also see the tag before their names in teamspeak. Some problems may take some time to resolve but they will not be ignored or swept under the rug.
4. If you are not satisfied with the guild officer’s solution to your problem, or the problem involves a guild officer, contact the guild leader. The guild leader’s decision will be final in all matters.
1. If a guild member is killed by enemy faction or by own faction, let everyone know the location of the attack, how many attackers, and if possible what classes and levels. Use uild chat and teamspeak to let everyone know where the enemies are.
2. Guild members shoud be very careful when soloing in contested areas. If possible, have someone scout the port or else use a less commonly used port and run to the area ( If there is lot’s of red players then change your location or make a break for a while ).
3. When the guild is at war, it is strictly forbidden to go AFK in non-peace zones, including a fort held by the guild. Guild members found AFK in combat zones my be PK’d by other clan members to prevent the enemy from getting a free honour points.
4. If attacked by enemy or by own faction in an area, do not keep returning to that area until it has been secured. If the enemy cannot be removed from the area, find another area to hunt in.
5. At freedich, you can pk only the reds and some hostile green guilds that are attacking to other greens. Otherwise, we are not a PK guild !!! Unless someone doesn’t attack you from your own faction do not give a pay back.
6.Whatever the circumstances, you are not allowed to kill or steal anything from your guild members or from allies. Otherwise, you will get a kick instant.
Most problems that spill out and affect others in the guild/alliance are the result to failures to communicate. It is absolutely essential that we communicate effectively and keep drama and conflicts to a minimum. Essential information for all members will be posted on this website and guild members are expected to check it at least once a week for updates. Other necessary information will be provided on the guild announcement that pops up when you log in. This information will be updated as necessary and guild members must check it for new information before proceeding to play the game. If you have problems or concerns, take them to a clan officer for assistance. The guild leaders have numerous obligations and need to coordinate activities with allies and coalitions, as well as play the game themselves. To the greatest extent, use the guild officers for help. Comments, concerns, complaints, etc. are welcome on this website; however, “flames” or abusive attacks on other guild members will not be allowed.
Important Rules:
1. No arguing or complaining
2. Removal from the group means just that, you will not be allowed to re enter unless the main leaders agree.
3. No arguing, trolling, insulting people or causing general drama.
4. Hate speech and threatening messages are not allowed.
5. Have fun.
6. Respect everyone.
7. Follow epic rule.
8. Remember it’s only a game.
9. If you leave the guild there is no coming back.