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Thread: Weapons for Revenant

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    Weapons for Revenant

    Hey Guys,

    As a revenenant should I go scepter + shield or should I stick to staff?

    Wearing a stuff the mobs seem to be messing me up pretty well ;p With s+s I am kind of tougher.

    Also were do you normally get your accessories I am at 3k GS and farming Hiram gear atm.


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    What does a revenant do?

    Quote Originally Posted by Islyn View Post
    Another useless post from you. What a surprise.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JemandLeNoob View Post
    What does a revenant do?
    its a mage, AoE Mage

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    AoE mage that in my case can hardly take two 52lvl Abyssal Mobs being Ancestral 2 so something is profoundly wrong ;p

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