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Thread: Didn't receive my in-game goodies.

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    Didn't receive my in-game goodies.

    Hey, I bought a pack and an Apex.
    All I got from the pack were the credits and the patron.
    I received 0 in-game items. Nothing from the pack and no apex.
    Tickets are being ignored.
    My characters are in the server "Tempest" on the website, while playing on Jakar.
    That might be the problem, if so, the thing to fix.

    Anyway, please help. It's ruining the fun of coming back to the game.

    EU server: Jakar
    Character name: Mimzje
    Level: 55


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    just adding on Did not Recive the Homecoming Warrior Package July 2019

    hi, i redeemed the Homecoming Warrior Package July 2019 the other day and i havent recived anything at all. i loged into 2 of my charecters just in case i sent it to the wrong one, bu not a mail in sight stating anything to do with Homecoming Warrior Package.

    EU server
    Char Name: Sectorred
    level: 30+ ( leveling as we speak )

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    Same problem, no response for a week. Guess they don't care about EU players.

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