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Thread: Hello Kadum!

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    Hello Kadum!

    Howdy everyone,

    Figured I would stop by and say hello to all you wonderful people and look forward to gaming with many of you. I have played Archeage on/off since launch and just recently returned. I decided to start fresh since so much has changed since the last time I played. I know most of you won't care, but meh here is my greeting and look forward to seeing you IG. I would also appreciate anything you believe I should know in general or about the server.
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    Welcome back...

    Eastside 4 life!

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    Hello. Dunno who you are but welcome back. Well, green pirating is getting legit with time. many guilds are doing that and getting away with it, be careful. PN will be removed and they will back to their nations or join pirates. Boss raids are public. Heroes are mostly good. Apex is around 1.5k. Many raids filling too fast, join early. After all, it's a good server. Just block flamers - selfish people and enjoy the game!

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