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Thread: Pack Profit Stages Update Needed Please

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    Pack Profit Stages Update Needed Please

    This was provided when profit stages were adjusted a while back:

    Changes were made with the 5.0 update but a clear explanation was not given on what the changes were. Can we please get an update table similar to the one above?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Guizmo View Post

    @Trion: This table is it right?
    The 5.5 chart is what I believe we have now. It seems to match everything I tested, but I didn't test every combo.
    Epic Erenor Scepter - 856 Magic Att, 733 gimped DPS.
    Epic Erenor Katana - 815.3 DPS.
    Epic Erenor Bow - 693 DPS... worse than the gimped weapon even though it's a primary weapon.
    "Balance" . . . This doesn't even take in to account the 978.4 epic erenor nodachi, or 978 mAtt staff.

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