Today I don't have another How-to video for Archeage, but this series has been one of my favorites since FE Shadow Dragon.

Since the new game was just released, I figured it would be a good time to try another Let's Play of it!

I will not be posting episodes here on the forums, but it would be fun to spark some spoiler free discussion of the game here! As well as some insight to the first half hour of the game!

With all the tactics and customizable battle combinations, it reminds me of ArcheAge and its customizable classes too!

My personal favorite is a mage with various magics like, Light Healing Magic, and Elemental Offensive Skills, who can also wield a Sword!

Titles being:
Tactician, Fire Emblem
Red Mage, Final Fantasy
Spellsword, ArcheAge

What is your favorite combat strategy in a game? Archeage, Fire Emblem, or others?