I've been looking around for games to play/test and stumbled across this one and figured I'd share.

It looks like Black Desert Online alot honestly.. but hey its something.

Im saddened by the lack of housing or farming/crops currently... (maybe in the future yea sure try to sell me on that idea to get me to buy into it)
I'm seriously into housing.. (still subbing here just to keep my land.. and decorate my house. yea.. lame i know.)

But hey... You can buy into the testing OR sign up for keys on the website.. Which is slow.
OR you can visit some gaming websites and get a key if they have them left.
I found this site, still has over 500 keys as of my posting here.(where I got my key from)


Only downside is you have to make an account with them to get the key.. But it works I got a key instantly from it.
Just FYI. The installer is small initially. Once you launch however it downloads OVER 20gigs and if it stops at all OR you close it, you have to start again at 0%.(no resume... seriously.. brah!?)
Testing starts July 30, 19. so the start button will be greyed out once the download is completed.