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    [Complete] Archeage NA Maintenance - 8AM PDT - July 31

    Hello everyone,

    We will be taking down the Archeage NA servers for maintenance on July 31, 2019 at 8AM PDT.
    This downtime is estimated to take 2 hours.

    The size of the patch will be approximately 73mb.

    Changes This Patch:
    • Fixed an issue that may have caused the world servers to crash.

    UPDATE 9AM PDT: NA servers are back up! Thank you for your patience!

    Thank you,
    ~The ArcheAge Team

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    Any chance you guys can request updating the 28 day credit paid hiram daily quest scrolls to give out Eastern Hiram infusions/scrolls?

    The current infusions given are way too low for the price after Eastern Hiram came out. You could literally farm <5 minutes and get infusions worth more than what it offers daily...

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