Server: Jakar
Prize: 500 gold
Requirement: Youtube Logo + Banner
Details: I am making new youtube channel and I want to promote games on there. Feel yourself creative and make me a nice logo and banner on my youtube channel, upload them on internet and post them in comments. Do not forget also to subscribe to my channel.
THE WINNER will get 500 gold ingame on EU server Jakar.

End date: 20 August 2019

Go create nice images, feel free to make some nice jobs and I will announce here the winner.
By the way, my channel will be an gamming channel.
Good luck everyone,
Liez, Jakar

Edit: Post yout comments on my youtube videos with your creations and if you are subscriber I might send 1Apex. Here is the link where you can add comments:

I am waiting for you guys and also dont forget to subscribe for 1 FREE APEX. ingame.